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Top 10 Best Weighted Vests For Women In 2022 Reviews

The best weighted vests for women are specially designed to help women boost their workouts without feeling too much pressure on their lower backs. Hence, they are perfect for muscle building, body weight exercises, and cardio activities. These vests come in various weight capacities to enable you to choose from based on your needs and budget. At the same time, they are equipped with adjustable straps that allow you to customize for a snug and comfortable fit. These vests are suited for various workouts including, walking, running, and cross fit training among others. Better yet, they are designed with comfort in mind so you can work out with ease.

Weighted vests for women are available in various sizes and styles so that choosing the right one can be very confusing. Hence, you need to look at the build quality, adjust-ability, weight distribution as well as other accessories like water bottle holder, and reflective striping. Whether you want to intensify your workout or simply looking to burn more calories, we have got you covered. The following top 10 best reviews In 2022 will help you make the right choice for the best weighted vest that will help you achieve all your workout goals.

10. RUNFast/Max Adjustable Weighted Vest

 RUNFast/Max Adjustable Weighted Vest
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Available in 12lbs and 140lbs, the RUNFast/Max Adjustable Weighted Vest offers various weight options to fit most people; men and women alike. Each vest comes with removable weights that you can remove or add as desired. The weights are uniformly distributed throughout the vest to offer maximum comfort. The shoulder straps are available in different options including padded and unpadded to meet various needs. Further, this vest comes at various price ranges to suit different budgets.

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  • This vest is versatile and safe
  • It is easy to put on and to take off
  • The design is great and well thought-out

9. Mir Womens Weighted Vest (10lbs – 50lbs)

Mir Womens Weighted Vest (10lbs - 50lbs)
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The Mir Womens Weighted Vest is designed to help you breathe ease and train hard. It is, therefore, ideal for walking, running, or any other intense workout. This vest is made of 1200 D-nylon to give you optimal comfort and durability. It is equipped with adjustable straps to provide a secure and snug fit for women of various sizes. Also, the weights are equally distributed to ensure maximum comfort throughout your workouts.


  • The weights can be removed for maximum versatility
  • This vest is easy to put on and to take off
  • It is well-made, strong, and durable
  • Wearing this vest makes you feel very warm

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8. Aduro Sport Weighted Vest

Aduro Sport Weighted Vest
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Increase the intensity and efficiency of your workout with the Aduro Sport Weighted Vest. It is crafted using soft neoprene material to ensure it does not slide or slip during any exercise. The weights are evenly distributed throughout the vest, giving you more strength to increase endurance and burn more calories. There is a mesh pocket on the back that gives you more room to add more weight if need be. Besides, this vest features adjustable straps to ensure a snug and secure fit.


  • This vest is available for men, women, and kids alike
  • It is breathable to enhance comfort
  • The vest is easy to put on and to take off
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7. TNT Pro Series Iron Weighted Vest

TNT Pro Series Iron Weighted Vest
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Designed with weight-balance technology, the TNT Pro Series Iron Weighted Vest has evenly distributed weight so it does not put much strain on your back. It features adjustable straps to allow you to customize the size for a tight and comfortable fit. This vest is made of high-quality materials to deliver maximum comfort during various activities. It is available in colors black and pink for men and women to find their favorites.


  • Creates the right amount of heavy resistance during muscle building
  • The adjustable straps allow you to tighten or loosen the vest as desired
  • The reflective striping on the vest keeps you visible when running early in the morning or late in the night

6. ZFOsports UNISEX Weighted Vest

ZFOsports UNISEX Weighted Vest
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Weighing in at 20lbs, the ZFOsports UNISEX Weighted Vest is great for adding resistance to your workout routines. It contours to the shape of the body so it stays tight no matter the athletic activity involved. This vest is adjustable in 3/4 pound increments to allow you to move and breathe freely. It has a universal size that will fit both men and women of various sizes. What’s more, this vest has a breathable design to keep you very cool and comfortable during those intense workouts.


  • Helps you increase strength and lose weight
  • The weights are uniformly distributed throughout
  • This vest seems well-made and sturdy

5. Ironwear Women’s Weighted Vest

Ironwear Women’s Weighted Vest
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Featuring a unique design that contours to the shape of the woman’s body, the Ironwear Women’s Weighted Vest does not apply downward pressure to the body. Instead, it expands to support women of various sizes. This vest has an adjustable height so it can support the abdominal and back muscles. It works by pulling your shoulders back while also lifting and counterweighting your chest to give you a better posture. Besides, this vest comes with one weight per pocket, meaning they are evenly distributed throughout.

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  • This vest is soft and comfortable
  • The outer surface can be wiped down and dries quickly
  • There is a ballistic nylon construction that provides padding and extra strength

4. ZFOsports Womens Weighted Vest

ZFOsports Womens Weighted Vest
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The ZFOsports Womens Weighted Vest is the most chosen vest among women buyers for numerous reasons. To begin with, it has a full set of weights located at the front and back of the vest to maximize comfort and mobility during workouts. Secondly, all the weights are uniformly distributed throughout the vest so you remain comfortable throughout the workout. Also, this vest boasts adjustable shoulder straps to allow you to customize for a snug fit. Finally, for added convenience, it comes with a pocket for your phone and water bottle holder that fits all water bottles of 16 oz.


  • It is easy to put on and to take off
  • Increases resistance during workouts
  • The price is affordable for almost everyone

3. ZEYU SPORTS Weighted Vest

ZEYU SPORTS Weighted Vest
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With the form-fitting design, the ZEYU SPORTS Weighted Vest is comfortable enough for most women. It is constructed from synthetic rubber that is eco-friendly and durable to offer long-lasting performance. As such, the vest is great for walking, running, physical fitness, and healthy living. It has an adjustable design with quick-release buckle for easy adjustability. What’s more, the vest has a nice bold yellow color that most women will love instantly.


  • The vest is very easy to put on and to take off
  • It is comfortable and extremely supportive
  • The adjustable design allows you to customize the size

2. CFF Women’s Pink Weight Vest

CFF Women's Pink Weight Vest
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Made of heavy-duty pink nylon and double stitching, the CFF Women’s Pink Weight Vest is durable to resist wearing off. It has a low-chest belt that ensures maximum hold to prevent bouncing and shifting. Each vest holds a maximum of 22lbs to reduce the pressure that weights pressing down on the chest can cause. The shoulder straps of this vest are wide enough to give you the padding without losing full motion of your arms.

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  • This vest is comfortable and very functional
  • Heavy-duty buckles allow for quick adjustments
  • The weights are compact and evenly distributed

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1. CAP Barbell Weighted Vest Women’s

CAP Barbell Weighted Vest Women's
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Constructed using reinforced nylon and polyester, the CAP Barbell Weighted Vest Women’s is sturdy and durable. The fully adjustable waist belt fits women of various sizes. The shoulder straps are padded to enhance a snug and comfortable fit. The weight pockets are filled with iron ore fines which can be removed or added according to individual needs. Furthermore, this vest is equipped with a reflective stripe to enhance visibility while you are walking or running during the night or early morning hours.


  • The vest is machine washable for easy care and maintenance
  • It has hooks for chute-resistance training
  • The vest improves strength, speed, endurance, and agility


For women who need the best weighted vest to elevate their works, the above products are the best choices the market has to offer. They come in various weights and designs to suit various tastes and preferences. Better yet, they are suitable for a wide array of physical activities, so go through the reviews in order to make an informed purchase.

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