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Top 10 Best Rear Seat Dog Covers in 2020

Dogs are amazing pets. When you leave home, you either leash your dog or close it inside your home. Sometimes you want to travel with your pet. This means your car, truck or SUV has to be pet-friendly. You do not want your dog moving back and forth on your car seats or damaging them. This is where dog seat covers come in. They prevent dirt, spills, mud, pet hair, dander, and moisture from reaching your car seats. Besides, they protect your vehicle from scratches by your pet’s claws. Now, you need to buy the best rear seat dog cover available.

Some of the factors to keep in mind as you plan to purchase a seat dog cover include non-slip capability, size, materials, ease of use, and durability. Considering how helpful your dog can be, you should buy it a cover made from strong, safe materials. It should not be the slipping type. Remember to check quality and how durable the product you want to buy is. Why waste money on poor items when you can find top products?

Below is a review about some of the best rear seat dog covers the market has to offer.

10. 4Knines Dog Seat Cover

 4Knines Dog Seat Cover
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4Knines incorporates a non-slip rubber backing that stands high temperatures. It does not matter how hot the weather is. The backing and the seat anchors help users to securely install the cover on the rear seat. This product is highly comfortable for your dog, durable and waterproof giving you value for our money. It is excellent at holding dirt, spills and pet hairs. To clean it, you need a wet piece of cloth or a vacuum. It is also machine-washable saving you the effort and energy to clean manually.

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9. URPOWER Seat Cover

URPOWER Seat Cover
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Urpower functions as a seat cover or a hammock. It will ensure your pet has a fun ride with you. The side flaps offer extra protection for your vehicle seats. The material used to make the cover is heavy duty thus durable. There is no need to worry about slipping thanks to the anchors and backing. They foster safety of your loyal friend. The Velcro openings on the seatbelts increase safety. Installing the cover is easy using the headrest and anchors.

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8. Winner Outfitters Dog Seat Cover

Winner Outfitters Dog Seat Cover
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As an example of the best rear seat dog cover, Winner Outfitters is usable as a hammock and for bench coverage. Your car seats are protected from damage considering the cover is waterproof. Whatever your pet leaves on the seat cover does not reach your precious vehicle seats. The anchors and the anti-slip backing prevent it from moving around on the seats. You do not require any special talent to install this product. With the straps, side flaps and anchors, it takes minutes to have it in place.

7. Barksbar Pet Seat Cover

Barksbar Pet Seat Cover
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Barksbar is quite an interesting name. It is made of top-notch heavy and waterproof polyester. The materials are colorfast and do not contain any harmful substances such as lead, mercury and azo dyes. You can be sure this cover is comfortable and long-lasting. Like any best seat cover, this brand features side flap extensions, Velcro openings and seat anchors. The product can handle harsh temperatures.

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6. URPOWER Fourfold Cover

URPOWER Fourfold Cover
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Urpower offers a variety of best rear seat dog cover. This particular model consists of four layers a dense oxford cloth, cotton, waterproof polyester, and slip-resistant PVC net. It is usable on leather seats as well, which usually have a high tendency to cause sliding of seat covers. The design makes this product resistant to scratches. Installation is simple. Use the release clips, seat anchors, and plastic clips. You can either wipe or vacuum the seat cover.

5. Gorilla Grip Seat Dog Cover

Gorilla Grip Seat Dog Cover
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Gorilla Grip is on the list of best rear seat dog cover for a few major reasons. It has a unique underside grip that dots on your car seat. Besides, it features a pocket for holding your essentials such as a leash and bottles. The zipper provides a barrier allowing you to efficiently share space with your pet. Its headrest has adjustable straps while the two anchors and straps minimize movement of the cover once installed. This item features a double layer construction, side flaps, and Velcro closure.

4. Barksbar Seat Cover

Barksbar Seat Cover
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When a brand name appears twice in a review, it is worth your consideration. This Barksbar make comes with side flaps for extra seat coverage. It is durable, comfortable and made from quality, waterproof materials. The materials are safe as they are free of metals such as arsenic, mercury and lead. Like Gorilla Grip, this make has two pockets to store your belongings be it grooming tools, toys or water bottles.

3. Doggie World Seat Dog Cover

Doggie World Seat Dog Cover
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Your pet deserves a comfortable car seat cover. Doggie World offers such an item. It is easy to set up, remove and clean. The seat anchors increase its stability thus preventing it from sliding. It boasts of water-resistant material and a strong construction that guarantees durability. This brand suits many vehicle types including cars, SUVs, and trucks. Storing this product can never be easier. It folds into a compact load that takes up less space in your garage.

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2. 4Knines Split Seat Cover

4Knines Split Seat Cover
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if you are looking for best rear seat dog cover, 4Knines should be in mind when shopping. It withstands high temperatures and has rubber backing. Its materials are waterproof, colorfast, and durable giving you value for your money. It is cozy, easy to maintain and of a good size. This cover has an attractive look appropriate for any vehicle interior.

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1. Alfheim Seat Cover-2018 Version

Alfheim Seat Cover-2018 Version
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The beautiful and functional design of Alfheim makes it the number one best rear seat dog cover in the guide. It has an elegant look with a luxurious style. The product is made from high-end material ensuring it is sturdy. Talk about universality. This cover works with most vehicle types. Machine-washing it would be the best cleaning method. No more slipping or sliding covers when you have Alfheim.


It is evident that dog seat covers serve a crucial role in maintaining your vehicle. They keep it clean, hygienic and protect it from damage. From the best rear seat dog cover review above, you now have a clue on what to buy. There is no need for guesswork.

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