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Top 10 Best Quiet Desk Fans in 2020

With global warming and the rise in temperature, it is quite hard to stay cool throughout the day. However, with the introduction of the best quiet fans, it is now easier for most people to get a breeze on a hot day. The best thing about these fans is that they are compact and lightweight to fit nicely on top of desks. As a result, they are ideal for use in small rooms such as dorms, offices, and even in RVs. Most of these fans are designed with brushless motors to be powerful yet quiet enough not to interfere with your sleep or roommate. At the same time, they are highly affordable so that almost everyone can afford.

Finding the right quiet desk fan can be a little overwhelming given the varieties available on the market. Thus, you should pay attention to the size, stability, amount of airflow, color, and durability. And to make your work much easier, we have compiled top the followig10 best reviews in 2020. These quiet desk fans differ from each other in one way or another, but the best thing is that they are well-built, powerful, and above all easy to use. Check them out for the best fan that will come in handy for you during those hot days.

Lists of the Best Quiet Desk Fans 2019

Preview Product Price
Honeywell HTF210B QuietSet Personal Table Fan, Black... Honeywell HTF210B QuietSet Personal Table Fan, Black... $29.99
Aluan Desk Fan Small Table Fan with Strong Airflow... Aluan Desk Fan Small Table Fan with Strong Airflow... $13.98
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10. CAMTOP Desk USB Fan

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The motor of the CAMTOP Desk USB Fan is made of DC brushless technology to make it ultra-quiet. It has a small footprint that makes it small yet powerful enough for use at home, office, dorm, game room, and library among others. The fan is crafted using a firm and durable plastic to provide continuous use with long life. Moreover, it is powered by a 3.9ft USB cable which can connect to a laptop, power bank or any other USB outlet for added convenience.


  • It is available in two colors for you to choose from
  • The fan is compact not to take up much desk space
  • There are 2 settings of airflow for you to adjust according to your needs

9. Vornado Air Circulator Fan, 630

Vornado Air Circulator Fan, 630
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Designed with Vornado’s signature Vortex Technology, the Vornado Air Circulator Fan, 630 ensures complete circulation of air throughout an entire room. It is equipped with deep-itched blades to deliver a superior performance of moving air up to 70ft. This fan has a high-speed dBA rating of 52, meaning it delivers whisper-quiet operation. There are 3-speed settings which you can choose from to achieve a multi-directional airflow.


  • The fan is ideal for small to mid-size rooms
  • Comes with a removable grill for easy cleaning
  • It has a wide base for added stability on the desk

Best Seller Products

SaleBestseller No. 1
SaleBestseller No. 3
SaleBestseller No. 4
SaleBestseller No. 5
CONBOLA Desk Fan, 4400mAh 11.8 Inch Bladeless Fan Small...
CONBOLA Desk Fan, 4400mAh 11.8 Inch Bladeless Fan Small...
★【Note】- Please use a 5V2A adapter for charging.
−$7.02 $42.97

8. OPOLAR Desk USB Fan

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With a base measuring 7 inches, the OPOLAR Desk USB Fan is stable and stronger to sit easily on any flat surface like on top of a desk. It is constructed of high-quality ABS plastic material that has high impact-resistance, stiffness, and strength to ensure maximum durability. This fan has adopted a brushless motor design to reduce noise for ultra-silent operation. Further, it rotates at 360 degrees to give you multi-directional airflow across the room.


  • The fan comes in 3 varieties for you to choose from
  • It has 2-speed settings; one for circulating the air and the other for cooling off
  • The fan delivers airflow that goes up to 3ft away

7. Honeywell TurboForce Fan, HT-900

Honeywell TurboForce Fan, HT-900
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Consider the Honeywell TurboForce Fan, HT-900 for a small fan with the power you can feel from 27ft away. It boasts an aerodynamic turbo design that maximizes airflow to give you the power of intense cooling or energy-saving air circulation. The fan has a compact craftsmanship to allow you to set it up on a desk or wall-mount. Besides, it has 3-speed settings to help you regulate the airflow according to your individual preferences.


  • Provides comfortable cooling in small rooms
  • The price is affordable for almost everyone
  • It swivels up so you can change the airflow direction as you please

6. Comfort Zone Desk Fan – (CZ6D)

Comfort Zone Desk Fan - (CZ6D)
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Featuring a wide base, the Comfort Zone Desk Fan – (CZ6D) sits comfortably on any table. It is made from strong ABS blades with a poly-coated steel grill to ensure durable performance. This fan gives off exemplary airflow with high and low settings for customization. It has a whisper-quiet operation to ensure that the fan does not interfere with your peace. Additionally, the fan has been tested to meet strict global standards, making it safe to use.


  • The fan is ideal for homes, offices, dorms, and RVs among others
  • It is easy to assemble and to set up
  • This fan delivers reliable performance each time
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5. Genesis 6-Inch Clip-On Fan

Genesis 6-Inch Clip-On Fan
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Want to cool down without the pesky background noise, the Genesis 6-Inch Clip-On Fan is your go-to product. It gives the option of two quiet speeds for you to enjoy different levels of cooling without interfering with your roommate or sleep. The fan has a strong and sturdy grip clamp to stay firmly rooted in place. Also, there is a butterfly screw on the head to help you customize the airflow and cooling for times when you need to accommodate more than one person.


  • It is available in 3 varieties to choose from
  • The head is adjustable to ensure airflow is being directed to the desired place
  • The fan is easy to set and to use

4. Holmes 8-InchTable Fan, Black

Holmes 8-InchTable Fan, Black
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Crafted with advanced blade system and adjustable tilt head, the Holmes 8-InchTable Fan delivers maximum air circulation. It has motorized multi-directional oscillation to cool larger areas faster and efficiently. The fan is equipped with 2-speed settings to allow you to select and control fan speed for optimal airflow and comfort. In addition, it comes with a removable front grill for easy cleaning.


  • It is suitable for small rooms of up to 155 sq. Ft.
  • The head is adjustable to allow you to customize the direction of airflow
  • It has a portable and lightweight design

3. Accering Desk USB Fan

Accering Desk USB Fan
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Powered by for a 3.2ft USB cable, the Accering Desk USB Fan can operate from a computer, power bank, laptop or any other USB output. It is equipped with two-speed settings of high and low for you to choose from based on your requirements. The motor of this fan is made of a brushless technique to ensure cool and quiet operations. What’s more, the fan head can be tilted in various directions to provide airflow in different directions.

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  • It is suitable for use at home or office
  • The fan comes in two colors to choose from
  • It is more powerful and energy-saving than similar brands

2. OXOQO USB Desk Fan

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Although mini, the OXOQO USB Desk Fan has a forceful effect. It is driven by a ball bearing driver to deliver maximum airflow of up to 4.2 m/s on high speed. The ball bearing driver ensures noise level is under 50 dba to create a cool and peaceful environment. This fan is powered by a built-in 2500mAh rechargeable battery that you can charge on your computer or laptop via the USB cable. Besides, it is easy to operate by a one-touch button that lets you control everything including fan speed adjustment.


  • Produces a charming blue light when running
  • This little fan is suitable for kids and romantic scenes
  • It is compact and lightweight for the ease of use

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1. Vornado Zippi Personal Fan, Black

Vornado Zippi Personal Fan, Black
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Consider the Vornado Zippi Personal Fan if you are looking for a cooling system well-suited for large rooms. It boasts unique soft cloth blades that quickly propel the air to keep you cool in hot days. The fan is compact and highly portable to enable you to travel with if need be. It has a wide base to allow you to set it up nicely on the desk for better air circulation. Also, the fan has two-speed settings to allow for maximum versatility.


  • Comes in a variety of colors for you to choose from
  • The price is affordable for almost everyone
  • The fan folds down for easy packing when traveling with


During those extremely hot summers, a desk fan can really save the day. Given their portable design, you can always have a desk fan in your bag to be able to use it wherever you go. In this article, we have researched and reviewed the best desk fans the market has to offer. So make sure you read through in order to discover the best product.

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