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Top 10 Best Outdoor Gas Griddles in 2020

Outdoor gas griddles are different from indoor gas griddles in a lot of ways. First, they are compact and lightweight for easy transportation and storage. Second, despite their lightweight construction, most outdoor gas griddles are durably made, so they can stand up to the outdoor elements. They are designed to be used during camping, tailgating, large family gatherings, outdoor parties, and even for daily outdoor use, among others. Since the best outdoor gas griddles can be a bit difficult to find, it is advisable that you consider reviews like the ones we have here before you buy any brand.

This is because if you do not have in-depth knowledge about outdoor gas griddles, then you are likely to end up with something you do not want. This may include an unstable outdoor gas griddle or an outdoor gas griddle that takes longer to heat up let alone heating up evenly. Lack of in-depth knowledge may also lead you to a super heavy outdoor gas griddle that you cannot move around the way you want. Having said that, check out our top 10 reviews for the best quality outdoor gas griddles.

10. Blackstone 1554 36 Inch Outdoor Gas Griddle

 Blackstone 1554 36 Inch Outdoor Gas Griddle
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We know that you would like to have an outdoor gas griddle that is simple to use and easy to assemble. Well, the Blackstone 1554 model fits the bill. It has a quick-ignition button that makes it super easy to use. It also has 4 industrial strength caster wheels to allow you to easily move it to any place during barbecue. Ideally, the 2 of the 4 wheels are lockable for ultimate safety. The burners of this gas griddle are made of stainless steel to make them solid enough and super durable.

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  • The components arrive well packed
  • Built well and heats up uniformly
  • Does not require a lot of maintenance

9. Camp Chef FTG600 2-in-1 Cooking Grill and Griddle

Camp Chef FTG600 2-in-1 Cooking Grill and Griddle
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One advantage of the Camp Chef Outdoor Gas Griddle is that it makes it much easier to cook a lot of food. It is a 2-in-1 unit that has two large cooking surfaces. The surfaces include a 604 sq. in. griddle cooking surface as well as a 501 sq. in. grilling cooking surface. The flat top griddle is perfect for cooking pancakes, hash browns, sausage, and bacon and eggs. The grill, on the other hand, is ideal for cooking chicken, kabobs, and burgers.


  • The grill heats up quite fast and evenly
  • Can cook a plethora of foods
  • The customer service is excellent
  • Finely constructed and works well

Best Seller Products

SaleBestseller No. 4
Royal Gourmet PD1301S Portable 24-Inch 3-Burner Table...
Royal Gourmet PD1301S Portable 24-Inch 3-Burner Table...
Spacious Cooking Surface: This tabletop grill comes with 316 sq. in. cooking surface.
−$40.00 $99.99
Bestseller No. 5
Cuisinart CGG-0036 4-Burner, 36' Gas Griddle, Black
Cuisinart CGG-0036 4-Burner, 36" Gas Griddle, Black
FOLDING DESIGN: The griddle easily folds down compactly for storage and transport

8. Royal Gourmet Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

Royal Gourmet Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo
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You need this outdoor gas griddle for those yearly large gatherings. It has a large cooking surface with an area of 584 sq. in. Well, this means the gas grill and griddle combo will provide you with plenty of cooking space to prepare any food you want. Additionally, this unit has powerful and durable burners, which heat up quickly and deliver even grilling. The burners are 4 and they output 48,000 BTUs for a great grilling experience. Also, there are 360-degree locking casters that make the gas grill & griddle combo easy to transport.

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  • The design is well thought out
  • Easy to use and works well
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for travel

7. Royal Gourmet GB4000 Gas Grill Griddle, 52,000 BTU

Royal Gourmet GB4000 Gas Grill Griddle, 52,000 BTU
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Royal Gourmet offers a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase when you buy this outdoor gas griddle. Ideally, that’s not the only thing, which makes this gas grill griddle one of the best. It also has other features such as 4 independently-controlled tube burners. The burners are durable, given that they are made of stainless steel. Another feature that contributes immensely to the performance of this gas griddle is the large 744 square inch cooking area. There is also a large capacity grease collection underneath firebox, which makes grilling last longer.


  • Works great and looks beautiful
  • Incredibly good quality for the money
  • Seems built to last

6. Blackstone 17 Inch Table Top Gas Grill Griddle

Blackstone 17 Inch Table Top Gas Grill Griddle
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This outdoor gas griddle leads the line when it comes to versatility and durability. Its 260 sq. in. heavy-duty cooking surface is large enough to cook a plethora of items, including tacos, burgers, pancakes, and more. Another feature that makes this outdoor gas grill griddle cook pretty fast is the H-shaped burner, which heats up pretty fast. The “H” shape ensures uniform distribution of heat. It also ensures fast cooking, given that it outputs up to 12,000 BTUs. This unit is great for hunting, tailgating, camping, road trips, and everyday outdoor use.


  • Much easier to carry during travel
  • Fits a lot of food on it
  • Very well made for superior durability

5. Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Gas Grill Griddle Station

Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Gas Grill Griddle Station
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Restaurant-quality cooking can only be achieved by a top quality outdoor gas griddle like this one. It will provide you with a 720 sq. in. of flat top grilling. For this reason, expect it to be ideal for dinner, breakfast, and lunch. It can cook lots of things including potatoes, eggs, steak, grilled cheese, quesadillas, pancakes etc. Furthermore, Blackstone has constructed the gas grill griddle station with two side shelves and a bottom shelf for food preparation and food storage respectively.

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  • Easy to assemble and great for the price
  • Quickly cooks things that require high heat
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Fun to cook on

4. Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle Surround Table Accessory

Blackstone 36 Inch Griddle Surround Table Accessory
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Blackstone was founded by outdoor enthusiasts. Having said that, expect every product from them to be a success. One of those products is this griddle surround table accessory. It has an open design that makes it handy for anyone who likes outdoor grilling with a gas griddle. The open design allows for guest and cook interaction as well as acting as a wind guard during cooking. What’s more, the design of this griddle surround table accessory is slim for easy storage.


  • Heavy duty and built extremely well
  • Folds down for optimum portability
  • Holds everything needed for cooking sessions
  • A nice touch to any outdoor gas griddle

3. Brasero 26 inch outdoor Flat top Gas griddle

Brasero 26 inch outdoor Flat top Gas griddle
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Brasero knows exactly what to be considered for a healthier and friendlier cooking experience. And this is their 26-inch outdoor gas griddle. It is designed in such a way that it combines fun and entertainment with healthy grilling. With it, you will not be frustrated by smoke, flare-ups or even carcinogens. Apart from convenience, this flat top gas griddle is built with versatility in mind. With that said, you can use it for both small and large foods, as well as tender ones like marinated fish, egg, veggies etc.


  • The surface heats fast and is easy to clean
  • Top quality and easy to use
  • Can be transported for use anywhere

2. Blackstone 36 Inch Grill Top Accessory for 36 Inch Griddle

Blackstone 36 Inch Grill Top Accessory for 36 Inch Griddle
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If you have a 36-inch griddle/grill base, the Blackstone 36-inch Grill Top Accessory is for you. It offers a cooking surface area of 680 sq. in. to make sure that you have more than enough cooking surface to cook any food. Furthermore, the cooking surface has a nonstick coating, so it can be easy to clean once you are done using it. This accessory also comes with a foldable windscreen to make outdoor cooking a great experience.

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  • Comes with a drip tray
  • The surface heats up evenly
  • Great for large gatherings
  • Looks great, and it is easy to install
  • The non-stick coating ensures easy cleanup

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1. Royal Gourmet Pd1201 2 Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle

Royal Gourmet Pd1201 2 Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle
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What makes the Royal Gourmet Outdoor Gas Griddle different from the rest is its lightweight and compact design. Despite being compact, the design does not limit the cooking capacity. With that being said, this propane gas grill griddle has a large capacity, which is great for hash browns, eggs, hamburger, French toast, bacon, and frying rice. Given the large size, this gas grill griddle can cook up to 12 pancakes at once. Besides, it has 2 burners that produce a total of 12,000 BTU.


  • Sturdy and exceptionally well built
  • Heats up fast and evenly
  • Has a large cooking area
  • Very easy to clean after use


There is something about outdoor grilling. And some of the units you can consider for such an amazing experience are the above outdoor gas griddles. They have large cooking surface areas to allow you to prepare food for a large group of individuals. They are also easy to clean and to use.

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