Top 10 Best Led Lights for Motorcycles In 2022 Reviews

If you are innovative, you will agree with us that your motorcycle really deserves the best LED lights for motorcycles. The fact that these lights are LED means they do not consume much energy. It also means that they are very long lasting. Buying them will, therefore, save you a few bucks in the long-run and even spare you the hassle of having to replace them every time. LED lights for motorcycles improve the looks of motorcycles as well as making you very visible at night, thereby, improving your safety.

Premium LED lights for motorcycles are equipped with several colors and functions to ensure 100-percent user satisfaction. In addition, they come with mounting accessories, and some even have adhesive tapes to make them very easy to install. They are also mostly available in flexible strips that can easily be manipulated for perfect installation on any part of your motorcycle. Besides, the strips are always differently sized to fit in various parts of the motorcycles such as the fender, tail, engine, and so on. In our reviews, we talk about the industry’s leading LED lights, so we can make your search for a suitable one much easier than expected.
Here are the reviews;

10. DITRIO Motorcycle LED Light Kit Strips – 12Pcs

 DITRIO Motorcycle LED Light Kit Strips - 12Pcs
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DITRIO provides you with a convenient way to turn your motorcycle into an exquisite little beast. Their 12-piece LED lights for motorcycles have several solid colors, which include Orange, Pink, Green, Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Teal, and Purple. As if that’s not enough, this LED light will let you create 15 color combinations for extra fun. They work great with several motorcycles, including Suzuki, Ducati, Honda, and Yamaha bike with DC 12V. Besides, these pieces come with two wireless remotes with voice control.

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  • Customer service is excellent
  • The lights come with instructions
  • They arrive well packaged and protected
  • The manufacturer includes a direct email address to help solve issues quickly

9. AMBOTHER 8Pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit Strips

AMBOTHER 8Pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit Strips
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Each strip of this kit has a super stick tape that ensures quick and effortless mounting. Ideally, the strips can easily be bent or curved to the desired position. Apart from motorcycles, the light strips can be installed on a car, SUV or ATV. This is because they come with an extra wire to help you reach any part of your SUV, ATV, car or motorcycle. The light strips also come with a 4-button wireless remote to make them super easy to operate.


  • Great for improving nighttime visibility
  • The remote seems to be of decent quality
  • The kit comes with 8 lights
  • Lights are waterproof for superior durability

Best Seller Products

8. OPT7 10pc Aura Motorcycle LED Light Kit

OPT7 10pc Aura Motorcycle LED Light Kit
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The high ratings previous users have given these LED lights for motorcycles are enough to show you that they are among the best on the market. The lights boast 16 stunning afterglow colors with dimming, flash, and fade options. They come in 10 flexible strips that are 3.5 inches long. Well, this means, with this kit, you will be able to install the lights on every part of your motorcycle, including the fender, tail, wheels, and engine. What’s more, these strips have an ultra-thin design that keeps them hidden during the day.

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  • Bright and easy to install
  • Lights require low to zero maintenance
  • Shipping is really fast and the price is right

7. SUNPIE Bluetooth Glow LED Lighting Kit

SUNPIE Bluetooth Glow LED Lighting Kit
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Since this lighting kit is universal, it has unlimited mounting possibilities and innumerable uses. With that being said, you can have it installed on your Honda Dirt Bike, Trailer, Snowmobile, Golf Cart, Scooter, Yamaha, Sportbike, Harley, Cruiser or Enduro. It has several functions, including Green, Fading, Jumping, Flashing, White, Blue Green, Blue, Pink, Red, and Yellow. It also has 4 levels of dimming as well as boasting multi-color brightness and wireless turn on/off. Moreover, the lighting kit is waterproof; thus, you can use it during rainy days.


  • Easy to install and emits great light
  • The kit works great as a safety device
  • They have a lot of applications

6. Brightronic Motorcycle LED Light Strip Kit

Brightronic Motorcycle LED Light Strip Kit
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Brightronic knows that LED lights for motorcycles play a key role in making motorcycles unique. That’s why they provide you with this LED light strip kit. The strip kit is long enough to easily reach every part of your motorcycle. It has 10 pieces of strips that are very bright to help improve your safety while making you the ultimate attention grabber. The back of each strip has an adhesive tape to make installation a breeze. Besides, the strips are bendable, so they can be stuck in any position.


  • Strips look great on motorcycles
  • Outstanding product for the price
  • Customer service is amazing
  • The quality is great

5. PROAUTO 8 piece Motorcycle LED Lights Kit

PROAUTO 8 piece Motorcycle LED Lights Kit
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This kit includes 8 pieces, which are 2 x 3.94-inch 6-LED motorcycle strips, 2 x 11.82-inch 18-LED strips, and 4 x 7.88-inch 12-LED motorcycle strips. The strips are differently sized, so you can place them on different places of your motorcycle. You can also cut the strips for a customized fit. Ideally, the kit comes with a 1-year warranty to give you peace of mind during purchase. Plus it is universal; hence, it works with all motorcycle brands as well as JEEPs, SUVs, ATVs, Trucks, Vans, and Cars.

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  • The remote is wonderfully made
  • Strips appear to be of high quality
  • Seems capable of withstanding years of use

4. XKGLOW 2nd Gen Single Color Underglow Light Kit

XKGLOW 2nd Gen Single Color Underglow Light Kit
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Installing LED lights for motorcycles can be trickier than expected. That’s why XKGLOW provides all the mounting accessories needed for installation. They have also made sure that this light kit is plug-and-play to help cut installation time. The kit has 8 compact pods and 2 flex strips; hence, it is great for engine and ground under glow. Furthermore, it comes in multiple colors to choose from. The colors include Blue, Red, Pink, Amber, Green, White, and Light Blue. Get it today and transform your bike into a beautiful sculpture no one has ever seen.


  • LEDs are very bright
  • Shipping is fast and installation a breeze
  • The company is there to help you with any question

3. Leeleberd 12PCS Motorcycle RGB LED Strip Lights Kit

Leeleberd 12PCS Motorcycle RGB LED Strip Lights Kit
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Leeleberd knows that the best way to keep your customers is to provide them with good after-sale services. As such, they promise to help you with any questions or issues. Leeleberd also ensures that the quality of their products is always at par. And that can be justified by this 12-piece motorcycle RGB LED strip lights kit. The kit is universal, and, therefore, it works with all brands of motorcycles as well as vans, cars, ATVs, JEEP, SUVs, and trucks with CD 12V power.


  • Strips look really great once installed
  • Easy to install and use
  • Lights are bright enough and adjustable
  • They are well constructed
  • The large controller is a bonus

2. SUPAREE 12Pcs Led Light Kits

SUPAREE 12Pcs Led Light Kits
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Most people love these 12 pieces of LED lights for motorcycles because they have 15 static colors and 4 additional modes. These functions are countless, thereby, allowing you to customize the looks of your motorcycle with much ease. Besides, these lights come with a remote control to make them very easy to operate. They are universal, and, therefore, they work great on all motorcycles, including 750 Honda Shadow Ace, Yamaha, Harley, and Honda Dirt Bike. In addition, the lights are waterproof to withstand splashes and rain for long-lasting performance.

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  • They work great and are easy to install
  • Strips are flexible enough to be installed in any position
  • They are bright and work as expected

Check Also:

1. NINEO Pack of 8 Motorcycle RGB LED Strip Lights

NINEO Pack of 8 Motorcycle RGB LED Strip Lights
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The NINEO Motorcycle RGB LED Strip Lights are universal; hence, they can be used on all brands of motorcycles. This means they work with Suzuki, Honda, Victory, Kawasaki, Harley, Indian, Yamaha, BMW, Ducati, and Triumph. They come equipped with 4 intelligent modes, which include 15 static colors mode, 1 multi-color fading mode, 1 multi-color flashing mode, and one brake mode. What’s more, the lights come with an easy-to-use remote control. Simply press button A to activate the 15 static colors, button B to activate the flashing mode, button C for fading mode, and button D if you want to rest the lights or turn them on/off.


  • The packaging is attractive
  • Very bright and easy to install
  • Customer service is exceptional


LED lights for motorcycles enhance the aesthetics of motorcycles as well as improving safety. They are, therefore, a must-have for any biker. But since getting a quality kit can be hard to come by, we advise that you go through the above reviews keenly. They will provide you with crucial information about these indispensable lights for motorcycles.

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