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Top 10 Best Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines in 2019 Reviews

As a heavy cigarette smoker, purchasing a pack of cigars every now and then can really drain your pocket. That is why you need to consider investing in the best electric cigarette rolling machines. These machines are extremely easy to use to allow you to make perfectly rolled cigarettes in a matter of seconds. The initial cost of purchasing a cigarette rolling machine may be expensive depending on the brand, but it is way cheaper than buying cigarettes on a regular basis. Besides, most of the machines are very lightweight and compact so you can take them with you while traveling for added convenience.

When purchasing a cigarette rolling machine there are a number of things you need to consider in order for you to arrive at the best one. Some of them include the size, price, build-quality, type of cigars produced, and above all personal preferences like the color and extra features. These factors alone are not self-sufficient when it comes to finding the right cigarette rolling machine. Hence, we have compiled the following top 10 reviews in 2019 to simplify your search further. The machines included are reasonably priced, durable, easy to use, lightweight, and takes up little storage space. So make sure you read through carefully to discover the perfect machine for all your needs.

Lists of the Best Electric Cigarette Rolling Machines

10. Powermatic 2 Plus Cigarette Machine

 Powermatic 2 Plus Cigarette Machine
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With an increased motor speed and gear quality, the Powermatic 2 Plus Cigarette Machine delivers 25% more power with fewer jams. Thus, it can comfortably handle king sized and 100mm tubes. This machine utilizes the spoon injection method to help you burn more cigars without surprises. It has a robust and reliable design that makes it sturdy and long-lasting. Moreover, this unit is lightweight for easy carrying from one place to another.


  • It is easy to use and to clean
  • The machine works quietly not to interfere with the people around you
  • It seems durable with greater value for the money

9. Lighter USA TOP-O-MATIC Cigarette Machine

Lighter USA TOP-O-MATIC Cigarette Machine
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Make perfect cigarettes within a few seconds with the Lighter USA TOP-O-MATIC Cigarette Machine. It features a lever action injector with an adjustable switch to enable you to make a king size, 100mm, and regular cigars. This machine measures 12 x 6 x 8 inches and weighs 3.4 pounds, meaning it is small and lightweight so you can easily move it from one place to another. Moreover, it is made of a stainless steel chamber to enhance longevity and durability.


  • The ergonomic handle makes for easy operation
  • The stainless steel finish will look good in any space
  • It is available in 1 pack and 2 packs to meet different budgets and needs

Best Seller Products

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Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine
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Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine Automatic Tobacco Roller Machine Electric Cigarette...
New Design vertical motion pull handle,this rolling machine makes King size (84MM) cigarettes,suitable for 8MM diameter pipe.
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GERUI Electric Cigarette Tobacco Rolling Automatic Roller Maker Mini Machine (blue and...
Voltage: 110~240V optional; Material: ABS and stainless steel. A new style cigarette rolling machine, fashion and efficient design. 100% Brand new and high quality cigarette rolling machine, includes adapter, plugs, brush and stir bar. If you need new model of this product, please search: B07T5XP313.
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8. PoweRoll TOP-O-Matic Cigarette Machine

PoweRoll TOP-O-Matic Cigarette Machine
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If you want to cut cost on pre-made cigarettes, better invest in the PoweRoll TOP-O-Matic Cigarette Machine. It features an electric spoon driven injector to enable you to make king size cigarettes at the comfort of your home. This cigarette machine produces evenly packed and burnt cigars, making it a top quality unit in its class. Besides, measuring in at 2.8lbs, it is lightweight enough for the ease of use.


  • Produces consistently burnt cigarettes
  • It seems well-built and sturdy
  • The hand roller works really good
  • Puts out a perfect cigarette each time

7. YJJ Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

YJJ Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine
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Take only 10 seconds to roll out the perfect cigarette using the YJJ Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine. Cigars made by this machine tastes better, has less tar and no added chemicals. The price is highly affordable so it will help you save lots of money in the long run. This machine is equipped with a removable tobacco tray for easy cleaning. Further, it comes with an extra spring and cleaning rod for added convenience.


  • It is compact and lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • This unit is very simple to operate
  • It has some of its parts removable for easy cleaning

6. Poweroll-2 Electric Cigarette Machine

Poweroll-2 Electric Cigarette Machine
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Weighing in at 2kgs, the Poweroll-2 Electric Cigarette Machine is compact and very easy to use. It is made of 100% metal to deliver optimum performance and durability time after time. The machine comes with everything you need to help you clean it after each use. Its white color is beautiful and attractive to enhance the aesthetics in your space. Further, this machine is fast and efficient to save you on time.


  • It is compact and highly portable
  • Produces neatly rolled cigars every time
  • It is easy to take care of and to maintain
  • It seems well-made and sturdy

5. Littleice Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

Littleice Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine
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Consider the Littleice Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine as the premier way to make your own cigarettes with such simple operation and little cost. It has an ergonomic body design with an anti-slip base that ensures the machine stays put while in use. The machine is compact and lightweight to allow you to make your cigarettes wherever you please. Also, it is easy to clean and to maintain for utmost convenience.


  • The user-friendly design makes it easy to use by almost anyone
  • The machine comes in various colors and at various prices to choose from
  • The price is highly affordable; you could even purchase for a friend too

4. GERUI Cigarette Rolling Machine

GERUI Cigarette Rolling Machine
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The GERUI Cigarette Rolling Machine is 100% brand new and high-quality to offer long-lasting performance. It is the latest style in cigarette rolling machine, fashion, design, and even appearance. But then, the best thing about this machine is that it boasts five density level adjustments to give you maximum versatility. In addition, it is crafted from durable ABS plastic and stainless steel to offer durable endurance against everyday use.


  • Makes the perfect cigars than most brands in the industry
  • The machine has greater power to work fast and efficiently
  • It is very easy to operate and the functionality is just incredible

3. Lakeside Commerce Rollematic Cigarette Machine

Lakeside Commerce Rollematic Cigarette Machine
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You will never know how good home-made cigars taste until you use the Lakeside Commerce Rollematic Cigarette Machine. It is equipped with an LED indicator to alert you on the rolling status available. The machine is made of electric metal and ABS materials to deliver long-lasting performance over the years. Its black color is low-profile so it will not appear conspicuous in your space. This machine leans towards the expensive side, but the quality and performance are worth all the cost.


  • This machine has no glitches and works perfectly
  • It is very easy to use
  • Comes with instructions for added convenience

2. Zico Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector

Zico Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector
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Compact and lightweight, the Zico Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector is highly portable so you can carry it wherever you go. It is extremely easy to use and produces king size and 100mm cigars depending on your needs. Although affordably priced, this machine is still capable of rolling out neat and perfectly done cigars. It has a black and white design made from ABS plastic for long-lasting durability. Additionally, the machine comes with two other tools to help with the operation and maintenance.


  • It is as easy to clean as it is to use
  • The machine is well-made for the price
  • The included instructions are very clear and easy to follow

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1. Prestige Import Group Powermatic-I Cigarette Machine

Prestige Import Group Powermatic-I Cigarette Machine
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For 100mm, king size, and regular cigars, the Prestige Import Group Powermatic-I Cigarette Machine makes a better option. It is designed with titanium blades to allow for effortless tobacco cutting and ultra-smooth performance. The machine features a hardened plastic body to deliver exceptional durability without the weight of metallic counterparts. At the same time, its handle is ergonomic with aluminum and metal construction to deliver additional safety.


  • The crank folds down when not in use for space-saving storage
  • The machine performs quickly and wonderfully
  • It is physically more stable to stay put when in use
  • The ergonomic handle is comfortable to put zero stress on your hands


Once you find the right cigarette rolling machine you will be able to make your own cigars from the comfort of your home. The best part is that you will begin saving more money on cigars than before. This article is the only place you get such informative content about the best machines. So make sure you give it a careful read.

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