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Top 10 Best Furnace Humidifiers in 2020

Furnaces are used during winter or cold seasons to help raise the temperature of the indoor air. However, furnaces tend to make the air in the house dry. And this can lead to cracked lips, dry skin, and other discomforts. Fortunately, you can easily control this by installing the best furnace humidifier.

These units add moisture to the indoor environment, thereby, raising humidity levels. With them around, you will not experience the disadvantages of furnaces. They are arguably the best when it comes to keeping your environment healthy and safe for both kids and pets.

Nevertheless, not all furnace humidifiers are built to the same standards. Some perform better than others. Therefore, we have compiled the ones preferred by customers and reviewed them for easy buying experience. Skip to the best furnace humidifier on Amazon.

Best Furnace Humidifiers

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10. Honeywell Electrode Steam Humidifier Review

Honeywell Electrode Steam Humidifier Review


  • Pre-mineralized cylinder: It ensures faster startup and checkout.
  • Versatile design: Allows you to use the humidifier for renovations or new installations.
  • Small footprint: Makes the humidifier easy to install by one person.

You cannot talk about the best furnace humidifiers without mentioning Honeywell brands.

The manufacturer is a dedicated company that focuses on satisfying all of its customers. Their electrode steam humidifier is well built to provide you with everything you have been looking for in a humidifier. It comes with a 5-year complete warranty, which is enough to tell you its quality. Ideally, we love its grey color that seems to blend well with most modern décor. You will install it easily and even have a great time maintaining it. Whenever there is a high performing product, like this humidifier, on the market, don’t hesitate to go for it!

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Best Seller Products

Bestseller No. 1
Aprilaire 500 Whole Home Humidifier, Automatic Compact...
Aprilaire 500 Whole Home Humidifier, Automatic Compact...
Air flow capacity: 200.0 cubic_feet_per_minute
Bestseller No. 3
Aprilaire 700 Whole Home Humidifier, Automatic Fan...
Aprilaire 700 Whole Home Humidifier, Automatic Fan...
BUILT-IN FAN pulls heated air directly from the furnace through the humidifier
Bestseller No. 4
SaleBestseller No. 5
Aprilaire - 600MZ 600M Whole Home Humidifier, Manual...
Aprilaire - 600MZ 600M Whole Home Humidifier, Manual...
Air flow capacity: 220.0 cubic_feet_per_minute
−$7.94 $125.00

9. Honeywell Higher Capacity Whole House Humidifier Review

Honeywell Higher Capacity Whole House Humidifier Review


  • Flow-through design: It helps keep the humidifier clean.
  • 1-year warranty: It protects against original defects.
  • Light gray color: It matches any existing décor.

The Sahara Desert has an average humidity of 25 percent, which is already harsh to human survival.

Amazingly, during winter, most homes have lower humidity than the one in the Sahara Desert. And this can cause dry skin, cracking woodwork, carpet shock, and more. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about anything. Instead, simply grab the Honeywell HE206A model. This reliable whole-house humidifier works with home’s furnace to make sure your home has a proper and comfortable humidity level. It is easy to install with an installation kit (sold separately), and it boasts a highly functional design. Considering its performance and size, this humidifier can be used in homes up to 4000 square feet.

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8. Emerson Whole House Humidifier Review

Emerson Whole House Humidifier Review


  • Wicking card and water distribution tray: It compensates for non-level plenums.
  • Reversible side panels: They have snap-lock fittings, which allow wither right-side or left-side bypass installation.
  • Installation instructions: They make the humidifier easy to install.

When you buy the Emerson Whole House Humidifier, you are not just buying a single product but also you will get other parts, which make it easy to install and use.

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You will get such parts as 6” diameter collar, self-piercing saddle, mounting screws, and 24-volt transformer. The Emerson HFT2100 model is a flow-through unit, which flushes out mineral deposits. It is perfect for hard water. The fact that it is reversible means you can assemble it with the 6” bypass opening on the left or right side. Protect the environment, improve human comfort, and safeguard food with this reliable whole house humidifier from Emerson.

7. Honeywell By-Pass Humidifier Review

Honeywell By-Pass Humidifier Review


  • Sleek appearance: It enables the furnace humidifier to blend with the existing décor.
  • Lightweight construction: It makes the humidifier easy to install.
  • Innovative design: It improves the general performance of the humidifier.

Honeywell has the experience and enough manpower to produce top quality products every time.

Consumers like its products because they are reliable. One of these products is the Honeywell By-Pass Humidifier (HE265DG115), which every homeowner should have. It improves comfort at homes as well as protecting the environment. Additionally, it is not highly priced like other products in the same class. It, however, works just like those costly products. You will never go wrong with this high performing humidifier from Honeywell. It is lightweight for easy installation and use. Plus it measures 19-by-12-by-9 inches, and this makes it perfect for any room.

6. GeneralAire 24V Legacy Humidifier Review

GeneralAire 24V Legacy Humidifier Review


  • Lightweight design: It makes the humidifier easy to move around.
  • Vapor pad: It offers a passage where water is evenly dispersed.
  • Compact size: Allows you to install the humidifier in every corner of the room.

Not all furnace humidifiers are expensive. And this can be justified by the GeneralAire 24V Legacy Humidifier (1042LH).

Although it is incredibly affordable, the GeneralAire 24V Legacy Humidifier (1042LH) is one of the best performing furnace humidifiers in 2020. It is perfect for homes up to 2,800 square feet. In addition, it disperses water evenly throughout a vapor pad. If you feel that the air in your home is almost that of a desert, waste no more time and go for the GeneralAire 24V Legacy Humidifier (1042LH). You will find it useful for keeping you and your family healthy all the time.

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5. Honeywell TrueEASE Fan Powdered Humidifier Review

Honeywell TrueEASE Fan Powdered Humidifier Review


  • Operational noise reduction: It enables the unit to offer humidity comfort without causing unbearable noises.
  • HumidiPRO Digital Humidity Control: It makes the humidifier very easy to control.
  • Versatile design: Makes the humidifier ideal for many jobs.

If you decide to go for a furnace humidifier, make sure what you are going for is worth your money.

The Honeywell HE300A1005 model is a highly advanced unit that will tick all your boxes. It saves between 30-percent and 50-percent of water, meaning you will use it with peace of mind knowing you are not wasting water. Besides, it provides humidity comfort without being a bother to your ears. When you have used it for a quite a long period, you will be able to maintain it in the shortest time possible. This humidifier also saves energy by automatically closing the bypass when it’s not in use.

4. Honeywell Furnace Humidifier Review

Honeywell Furnace Humidifier Review


  • Flow-Through Design: It keeps the unit clean of microorganisms.
  • PerfectFLO Water Distribution: It maximizes efficiency and water usage.
  • Humidity Control: It makes the humidifier very easy to use.

Protect your wooden floors and furniture from cracking due to drying with this highly functional humidifier from Honeywell.

It is designed for homes up to 3,000 square feet, and this makes it ideal for large rooms. Additionally, this humidifier is very easy to use, so you can enjoy its benefits rather than being focused on how to use it. It uses no batteries, and this will help you save a lot in the long run. Ideally, it measures 18.7-by-15.7-by-15.3 inches, which is the right size for most rooms. We love the fact that this humidifier has fewer duct connections and less wiring, which help make installation a breeze.

3. Honeywell Whole House Review

Honeywell Whole House Review


  • Light gray finish: It looks unique and blends with most décor.
  • 1-year warranty: Ensures worry-free buying experience.
  • Lightweight construction: Makes it easy to handle the humidifier.
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Although there are several reasons why people buy from Honeywell, the main one is that they produce premium quality products.

In most cases, you will never go wrong with Honeywell’s products. Despite their performance, the manufacturer has greatly priced these products. Their latest brand is the Honeywell Whole House (HE120A), which helps give you comfort in the event the air in your house becomes overly dry. It helps keep the skin smooth and even protects furniture from cracking. Additionally, this humidifier can be installed in a room with no drain. It comes with installation kit for easy setup. It also comes with relative humidity control.

2. Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier Review

Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier Review


  • Truly automatic control: It makes the humidifier easy to use.
  • White finish: It enhances the visual appearance of the humidifier.
  • Compact design: It makes the humidifier easy to install in any room.

Make the air you breathe cleaner, fresher, and more breathable with the Aprilaire 700 model.

It has an automatic digital control, which makes it extremely easy to use. It helps get rid of several irritating symptoms that are as a result of dry and stale air. And it does that by adding moisture to your environment. It is powerful enough and can be used in large rooms up to 4,200 sq. ft. The Aprilaire 700 model can produce up to 50 more moistures than other humidifiers in the same class. If you are suffering from dry skin or have chapped lips, this humidifier will be a great addition to your house.

1. Aprilaire 24V Whole House 500 Humidifier Review

Aprilaire 24V Whole House 500 Humidifier Review


  • Automatic digital control: It makes the humidifier easy to use
  • White finish: It makes the humidifier look more beautiful.
  • Powerful transformer: It enhances the performance of the humidifier.

The Aprilaire 24V Whole House 500 Humidifier is designed to give you maximum comfort throughout the entire house.

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It is a reliable unit that will add moisture every hour, every day, and every season. The manufacturer understands that when you heat the indoor air, it becomes dry and this is likely to make your skin dry as well. You will, therefore, start feeling itchy and even chilly. Therefore, to get rid of all this discomfort, the manufacturer has introduced this high performing humidifier. It adds moisture to the air you breathe, thereby, lowering discomfort. It is designed to cover up to 3000 square feet.


The fact that you are using a furnace to keep yourself warm during winter does not mean you should have chaffed skin or dry lips. You can have a furnace and still keep your environment healthy and safe. Well, the best way to achieve that is to buy a furnace humidifier. In the above reviews, we have listed the best brands to give you an easy time settling for the product of your dream.

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