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10 Best Fast Remote Control Cars For Kids in 2019

Kids’ toys are known to have a massive impact on the development of a child. They help sharpen the child’s wits as well as enhancing their creativity. There are a lot of kids’ toys on the market, and one that you should certainly consider is the fast remote control car for kids. Unlike ordinary cars, RC vehicles are remotely controlled in that they move on their own without anyone pushing them. They are available in many different qualities; hence, it is important that you choose the best fast remote control cars for kids.

Contrary to public opinion, the best quality RC cars are not just for little boys but also can be handy for adults, young girls, and older boys. A good number of them have simulated headlights that glow when they move forward, as well as simulated tail lights, which also glow when they move backward. These RC cars are also equipped with strong transmitters to avoid signal interference during use. Most of them are also designed for both outdoor and indoor use, given that they showcase sturdy body that can withstand any terrain. To help you get the top quality brand, we unveil the following top 10 best reviews.

10. Maisto Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle Review

Maisto Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle Review
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Maisto knows what’s good for your kid, and that’s why they are the sole manufacturer of the Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle. This unit comes equipped with two motors and low gearing that allow it to pass smoothly on rugged off-road terrain. It also features TPE tires, which offer ultra grip, especially when it’s moving on a smooth surface. Additionally, the Maisto R/C Control Vehicle boasts a Tri-channel transmitter that allows up to 3 kids to play with their other Maisto RC vehicles at the same time.

Best Seller Products

SaleBestseller No. 1
Remote Control Car, ORRENTE RC Cars Stunt Car Toy, 4WD 2.4Ghz Double Sided 360° Rotating...
360° rotating stunt: double sides running, moving forward, backward, turning left, right, 360 degree tumbling flip for different playing experience on this electric remote control stunt car. You can control the RC cars for kids in any direction with its remote controller.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Growsland Remote Control Car, RC Cars Xmas Gifts for Kids 1/24 Electric Sport Racing Hobby...
FULLY FUNCTIONAL RC CAR: The sleek aerodynamic profile and 27MHz controller with functions such as forward, reverse, left and right turns which easy to control and the car responds well. It simulates a really powerful engine as one can expects from a famous car. The simple two-joystick remote control and a max speed of 5 miles per hour are fun to play with.
SaleBestseller No. 3
MISSLFJY Remote Control Car, High Speed Racing Car Electronic Hobby Car Buggy Vehicle 2.4...
Extreme High Speed: MISSLFJY remote control drift car can reach a maximum speed of 25km/h; use strong power motor, electric energy converted into power maximize, two wheels drive for climbing Car can provide strong power torque significantly make the car easy to complete difficult moves. ATTETION PLEASE: There is PROTECTIVE FILM on the car body. Please REMOVE the protective film on the car body before use. THAT IS NOT SCRATCHING.
Bestseller No. 4
UTTORA Remote Control Car, Invincible Tornado Twister Remote Control Truck,360 Degree...
Remote control stunt car:remote control racing cars for kids with 360 degree spinning front axle and big wheels for flipping fantastic fun, on road and off road. Cool toys and gadgets for 5 year old boys and girls and up
Bestseller No. 5
JEYPOD Remote Control Car, 2.4 GHZ High Speed Racing Car with 4 Batteries, Blue
four batteries: 2 x 3.6V 700 mAh rechargeable batteries for car, can be played about 30 minutes each battery. It approximately takes 90 minutes to charge. 2*1.5AA batteries for transmitter.

9. Midea Tech Orange Licensed RC Model Car Review

Midea Tech Orange Licensed RC Model Car Review
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Featuring a full function radio controlled remote, the Midea Tech Orange Licensed RC Model Car can move reverse, forward, left, right, and stop. As a result, this car will bring lots of fun. It is also factory assembled, and this means you will be able to use it immediately upon arrival. This model car also comes with working headlights and tail lights that make it more real. Its orange color brings out its uniqueness and will make your kid proud of taking it out where everyone can see it.

8. Liberty Imports Cartoon Radio Control Toy

Liberty Imports Cartoon Radio Control Toy
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The smooth and sleek wheels of this RC toy enable it to move at super-fast speed. Moreover, the Liberty Imports Cartoon Radio Control Toy has a removable race car driver, which your little one can take out and play with. It also has cool light effects that will make your toddler want to play with it again and again. Plus it has exciting music, which brings in fun, as well as bright colors that will attract the attention of your kid.

7. DOUBLE E RC Remote Control Off-road Car Review

DOUBLE E RC Remote Control Off-road Car Review
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Built to perform optimally, the DOUBLE E RC Remote Control Off-road Car comes equipped with front and rear dual motors that offer strong power torque. For this reason, expect this car to easily and stably move on any terrain. The car also features simulated cool front lights that offer a realistic driving experience for your little one. The high-capacity rechargeable 6V 800mah battery provides this RC off-road car with long-life performance and ultimate reliability. This car also comes with 4 suspension springs that will prevent damages that are as a result of vibration.

6. Distianert 4WD Electric RC Monster Truck

Distianert 4WD Electric RC Monster Truck
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The 390 motor of this monster truck not only delivers lightning-fast acceleration but also produces 30mph speed. Despite the powerful motor, the Distianert 4WD Electric RC Monster Truck is super quiet and your kid will love it for this. The RC car is also an all-terrain challenger; thanks to its aggressive looks. Furthermore, it boasts 4WD independent suspension system that effectively absorbs bumps, thereby, ensuring complete shock resistance for the car. The 2 sets of batteries enable this monster truck to deliver long-lasting performance.

5. HALOFUN Mini RC Jeep Vehicle Review

HALOFUN Mini RC Jeep Vehicle Review
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Featuring a concise and off-road design style, the HALOFUN Mini RC Jeep Vehicle can effortlessly pass over any terrain. It is a perfect copy of a real wild vehicle designed to race smoothly regardless of the terrain. The HALOFUN Mini RC Jeep Vehicle also has tires with texture to help increase friction and ensure more stable driving. Besides, it comes with a wireless remote control that makes it easy to operate. It is highly flexible and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

4. IMDEN Remote Control Car with 2 Rechargeable Batteries Review

IMDEN Remote Control Car with 2 Rechargeable Batteries Review
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It is important to buy your toddler a durable RC car. And the IMDEN Remote Control Car is one of these reliable RC cars. It is crafted with strong and powerful components that will offer your youngster a realistic racing and off-road game experience. This RC car also boasts a 30mph speed, which is powered by a 390 brushed motor. It is an ultra-durable unit that will overcome all outdoor extremes. What’s more, the RC car features an ergonomic transmitter to ensure superior control.

3. QUN FENG Electric RC Sport Racing Car Review

QUN FENG Electric RC Sport Racing Car Review
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QUN FENG has equipped this RC car with lots of features, and this makes it perfect for both adults and kids. The QUN FENG Electric RC Sport Racing Car has headlights that glow with forward motion. It also has red tail lights, which emit light when it moves backward. As if that’s not enough, this sport racing car comes with a screwdriver to make it easy to assemble. Its controller has frequencies of 27MHz, which is powerful and efficient. The QUN FENG RC Car is recommended for ages 8 and above.

2. Distianert Electric RC Car with Rechargeable Battery Review

Distianert Electric RC Car with Rechargeable Battery Review
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One great fact about the Distianert Electric RC Car is that it can race at high speeds up to 10mph. It has a desert buggy style body that enables it to pass through rugged terrains as if they are smooth. It also boasts a 2.4GHz transmitter which is strong enough to prevent any interference when you are using the RC car. The transmitter features a pistol grip style that makes it extremely easy to control even by kids who are as young as 5 years.

1. EpochAir Remote Control Car Review

EpochAir Remote Control Car Review
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Unlike most remote controlled cars, the EpochAir Remote Control Car has 3 adjustable gears including Floor, Off, and Wall. These gears enable it to race at a supersonic speed on the ground as well as climb and race steadily on the glass or wall. The remote control car also features an infrared remote controller that not only allows you to control the running speeds but also makes it possible to move the car forward or backward. The body of this car is made of premium quality ABS plastic, which is strong yet light and non-toxic.


RC cars for kids are no ordinary toys. They help develop motor skills of kids, considering that the child will be controlling them through the remote control. They also help nurture the artistic and engineering skills among older kids. Furthermore, RC vehicles bring joy to kids as well as helping them interact with other kids nearby. Buying your youngster an RC car is, therefore, highly recommended.

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