10 Best Ergonomic Wireless Mouse in 2019

The keyboard and mouse are the most direct and hands-on input aspects of your computer. Even though the mouse is a basic pointing device, it can have several unique designs, features, and comfort levels. It is necessary to understand the different types and designs when shopping.

Why do you need an ergonomic mouse? Most of us hardly give a second thought to the mouse we use, but it is crucial for our wrist, arm, and hand health. Ignoring this can have long-term and serious repercussions on your health.

1. Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 Review

Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 Review
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Even from the most comfortable seat or coffee table, there is no ultimate position for the best cursor control. However, with this hand-friendly wireless trackball mouse, you can work and play anywhere you want. Just roll and click and forget about cramped hands.

It offers smooth, precise laser-sensor control even on your bed, features powerful 30 ft. wireless range and can operate for 18 months on a single AA battery. It offers enhanced comfort and is safe for your hands, even if you use it for extended periods.

2. Logitech MX ERGO Advanced Wireless Trackball Review

Logitech MX ERGO Advanced Wireless Trackball Review
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This trackball features a unique adjustable hinge that allows you to choose the best angle between 0 to 20 degrees. This gives a more natural position for the hand and comforts to each hand size and shape. Compared to the regular mouse, this one gives 20 percent less muscular strain.

It provides advanced optical tracking accuracy and can easily switch and navigate between two computers. Make your workflow convenient and comfortable. It has soft rubber on top to ensure a comfortable grip even for long hours use. It can operate up to 32 feet in wireless range, and the battery can last up to 4 months when fully charged.

Best Seller Products

Bestseller No. 1
Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse, 800 / 1200 /1600 DPI, 5 Buttons for...
Scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutral "handshake" wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain.
Bestseller No. 2
Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse – Ergonomic Design with Sculpted Right-Hand...
TRACKBALL COMFORT Sculpted shape supports your hand and stays in one place move the cursor without moving your arm
Bestseller No. 3
Ergonomic Mouse, Vertical Wireless Mouse - LEKVEY Rechargeable 2.4GHz Optical Vertical...
ERGONOMIC, SLEEK AND RECHARGEABLE DESIGN -- Scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutral "handshake" wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain
Bestseller No. 4
Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse – Advanced Ergonomic Design Reduces Muscle Strain,...
ADVANCED ERGONOMIC DESIGN Places your hand in a natural handshake position using a unique 57 degree angle, preventing forearm twisting and reducing muscular strain by 10 percent* (*As compared with a traditional non vertical mouse. Based on Logitech Study, September 2017)
Bestseller No. 5
Wireless Vertical Mouse, Jelly Comb Wireless Mouse 2.4G High Precision Ergonomic Optical...
WHY SPECIAL : Unique Design - REDUCE TENSION - Scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutral "handshake" wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain. It does take some time to get used to using a mouse at a different angle. Once you get used to it, you will love it so much !

3. Evoluent VerticalMouse Review

Evoluent VerticalMouse Review
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It is time you avoid twisting your forearm and work in complete comfort. This upright shaped mouse gives your arm a neutral position for the best for your health. This mouse offers excellent comfort and relieves wrist pain for those who work long hours on their computers.

It has easy-to-reach programmable buttons and does not require finger contortions to operate the buttons. It features an improved thumb rest and a new bottom thumb button for extended functionality when used with the provided driver.

Your last finger is protected from rubbing the desk by an extra wide rubber lip. It has pointer speed control and indicator for convenience; you do not even have to remove your fingers from the grip to adjust the speed.


4. Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 Review

Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 Review
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The mouse is so comfortable you will wonder how you survived all these years without it. It offers unmatched ergonomics, style, accuracy, and other advanced features.

The mouse design conforms to your hand position naturally for relaxed working. It features a tilted, elevated hand position that reduces pressure on the carpal tunnel and wrist for the most comfortable use and excellent performance.

It offers smooth 4-way scrolling and smooth tracking. All these ensure your hand gets the least strain as you work and the highest responsiveness for increased productivity. Its scroll wheel tilts from side to side and reacts to your speed for smooth and accurate maneuverability.

5. Swiftpoint GT Wireless Ergonomic Mobile Mouse Review

Swiftpoint GT Wireless Ergonomic Mobile Mouse Review
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This ultra-portable wireless mouse offers excellent ergonomics to help you get a lot of work done in less time. It combines natural touch gestures with the precision and convenience of a traditional mouse. This bridges the gap between touch and non-touch modes of operating your tablet, laptop, and desktop.

The Swiftpoint GT is unlike any other mouse since it enables a full range of touch gestures with a natural finger and wrist action. No need to reach for the screen and you do not even need a touchscreen to experience the wonder of working with this mouse.

It has a unique, truly natural touch implementation that makes the mouse easier to use compared to the computer mouse with touch sensors on the mouse and will accelerate your work and productivity while reducing fatigue by reducing the motions of your head, eyes, and hand.

It offers a comfortable pen-like grip for the right-handed user. You can also change the button assignments to suit your unique needs and enhance your comfort.

6. Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse Review

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse Review
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Both users and masters of crafts will have the ultimate experience using this Logitech’s flagship mouse. It gets work done faster and more efficiently. Its advanced features and stunning design make it the best mouse for PC and Mac for the ultimate comfort, precision, control, and customization.

It has a hand-sculpted shape for excellent comfort. It is contoured to support your hand and wrist in a natural position. Also, it has well-positioned wheels and buttons enabling fine-motion control and comfortable fluid experience.

The mouse mold is made from an originally hand sculpted design. The advanced features will require driver installation; the downloads are available from the Logitech website. The battery life varies according to the user and computing conditions.

7. Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Right Wireless Review

Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Right Wireless Review
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This mouse has a thoughtfully designed shape for the ultimate uncompromised comfort and ease of use. It has easy-to-reach programmable buttons that ensure no finger contortions when using it. You can adjust the optical sensor and pointer speed at the side for convenient adjustment without having to release your grip.

To make it even more comfortable, the mouse has an improved thumb rest reshaped to provide more comfort. The top mounted LED indicators to show the mouse speed so you can see and change if necessary. When used with the included driver you can have extended functionality including the two thumb controls.

It has a tiny 2.4GHz receiver that will not easily be knocked off the side of your notebook computer. It has an extra wide lip along its bottom edge to prevent your last finger from rubbing on the desk. The powerful and intuitive driver offers excellent and extended functionality for the six buttons.

8. ELECOM M-HT1DRBK Wireless Trackball Mouse Review

ELECOM M-HT1DRBK Wireless Trackball Mouse Review
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Experience effortless gliding and smooth, precise operation due to the synthetic ruby bearings. Its large bearings require less maintenance. It features eight buttons and a tilt wheel to support your gaming needs and give you limitless click combinations.

The pointer sped can easily swap between three DPI on the fly the wide scrolling wheel provides adequate finger contact for fast, precise operation. With the Elecom Mouse Assistant, you can assign up to 10 commonly used functions to the buttons to make your work easier.

Its fast forward and back navigation button at the thumb makes it easy and efficient to change pages or websites. The trackball is removable to allow cleaning trapped dirt or grime. This makes it easy to clean and maintain the ball and cradle.

9. KINESIS PD7DXT-WR DXT Wireless Ergonomic Mouse 2 Review

KINESIS PD7DXT-WR DXT Wireless Ergonomic Mouse 2 Review
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The mouse requires no cable, and its wireless Micro USB dongle is compatible with PC, Mac & Linux. It works up to 30 feet away and is suitable for both left and right-hand users. It instantly switches between right, left making it the most efficient ambidextrous mouse, fully charges in 90 minutes, and works for up to 2 weeks on normal usage.

The mouse has a relaxing ergonomic design for natural wrist and hand position. The Zinc base improves stability and accuracy. Experience precise grip for accurate navigation. Its compact design fits most hand sizes.

10. LOGITECH, INC. Optical TrackMan Cordless Mouse Review

LOGITECH, INC. Optical TrackMan Cordless Mouse Review
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Logitech Cordless TrackMan mouse is an excellent programmable mouse for comfort and advanced functionality. Its six programmable buttons can be customized as desired for frequently sued functions to make your work faster and easier.

What to look for


Size matters when it comes to the mouse. Those that are too large for your hands or too small will not be comfortable. They may cause cramping or stretching of your tendons unnaturally. The mouse may have advanced features, but if it does not fit your hands comfortably, then it is not a good model. Before you consider any other feature, look for a mouse that fits your hands well. Anything that is too big or tiny will not serve you well.


This depends on the person’s taste. Some will prefer heavier mouse while others like it light and fast for little resistance. You will need more effort to move a heavier mouse compared to the lighter one, even though you will not realize it in the beginning.
The type of cord will play a role in the weight and movement of the mouse. The other factor is the battery that may make it heavier.


A hand at rest is not flat but has a contour, an arch. The crucial aspect when buying a mouse is that it should reproduce the arch. Some designs have a vertical mouse to allow for a natural hand position. Go for the types that will create this contour if you want your hand to remain healthy for longer.

Thumb rest

Some mouse are designed with plateaus that keeps the thumb off its traveling surface. This reduces surface friction and drags on the thumb. Some have a resting spot to rest the fingers when not needed.

Ease of movement

This is determined by weight to some extent. When you use more pressure to push the mouse, you add strain on the hand, wrist, and arm. The best mouse should present as little resistance as possible irrespective of its weight. The injuries of the hand and wrist usually build up slowly, so you will not realize you are harming it until it is too late.


The wheel and buttons should be designed to respond to the lightest of touch for your arm and writs health. Heavier resistance may feel good but continually harm your fingers and arm. Some mouse will let you toggle the click-vs.-smooth scroll action of the wheel.

Side grips

There are mouse designs that fit major hand shapes. Recent mutable designs have appeared offering a variety of grips that can be applied outside the mouse. They attach magnetically between the where the ring and pinky finger rests. This varies the size to fit various hand sizes and shapes.

Roughened grips

A slightly roughened texture is commonly added to side grips, especially on the ambidextrous mouse design. It helps you keep a firm hold on the mouse when it is on the move. A solid grip will let you relax your hands.

Button placement

A mouse does not need trendy button placement even if they appear inventive. If the buttons are placed at the wrong place, you will have tension building up slowly on the tendons and give you nerve strain. Every mouse button should be within easy reach of the fingers. The switches should be within comfortable reach and not too far.

Ambidextrous mouse

Even lefties deserve ergonomic mouse. And since they account for about 10 percent of the population, it is a challenge designing mouse for that market. This challenge is solved by the ambidextrous mouse designs. They have a straight or hourglass design for a comfortable, secure grip. They have side buttons on the left and right. These mouse are designed to serve both lefties and right-handed persons.

Vertical mouse

A vertical mouse is a typical non-standard mouse design to solve the ergonomic challenge. It turns the hand at 90 degrees as if you are holding a cup. It then uses the wrist as a pivot point. This design prevents nerve impingement, tendon contortion, and unreasonable stretching.

DPI switching

The mouse ergonomics does not stop at the physical design. The accompanying software plays a significant role and adds great value. A mouse that allows you to switch to a higher DPI setting can help you manage items spread across a large area. You do not need to extend the arm too much or flex your wrist. Each swipe will give you more mileage with little effort.

Lift-distance wizard

This feature is beneficial if you regularly change the surface of the mouse. This wizard will ensure the mouse move properly by using an algorithm to determine optimal focusing distance between sensor and surface. Anything no matter how small that contributes to removing the tension from your hands is welcome.

Angle turning

This tilts the X and Y of the mouse by up to 30 degrees to the left or right to give you greater flexibility considering arm and wrist position.

Task automation through Macros

Macros can help you make lengthy, repetitive tasks seem simpler. When you cut down on these repetitive tasks, your hand will benefit. A mouse with even a basic macros editor with a few unassigned buttons will make your work easier and healthier on your hands.


This review of the best ergonomic wireless mouse is an eye opener into the world of mouse. It is also a great guide to help anyone get the right ergonomic mouse. No one mouse size and features fit everyone so get what suits you. Consider your preferences before setting out to buy a mouse.When you know what you want, you will have minimized the initial confusion by a large margin.Give your arms, hand, and wrist the best and most comfortable mouse to work with.

Related Articles


  1. Old Version of this article
    After the introduction of computers, there was the need to come up with a number of basic peripherals. And one of the earliest peripherals experts came up with was the mouse. It was mainly designed to make the computer easy to use and provide constant companionship to the keyboard. While the keyboard was primarily designed for typing, the mouse was to help with pointing and clicking around a graphical user interface. Today, there are many different computer mice including the ergonomic wireless mouse. And these reviews only highlight the best ergonomic wireless mouse to make sure you are 100-percent satisfied with your purchase.

    Unlike ordinary computer mice, ergonomic wireless mice are designed to promote comfort. According to their manufacturers, comfort comes first, because through it, you will be able to work longer with less strain and fatigue. As a result, ergonomic wireless mice have contoured shaped designs and are well-rubberized to encourage healthy and natural positioning of the hand and arm. You will, therefore, experience the much-needed comfort when using them. Best of all, these units do not focus on comfort alone, given that they also come equipped with other features such as 2.4GHz wireless transmission to let you work up to a distance with no interference. Here is a compilation of the best ones on the market today.

    #10. J-Tech Digital Scroll Endurance Ergonomic Mouse Review (V628)

    The J-Tech V628 model is a convenient mouse that only requires you to insert the USB plug and start using it. Besides, it has a Palm Rest that can be detached or installed depending on your using custom. The J-Tech Digital V628 model also has 3 adjustable DPI, meaning you will be able to adjust the responsiveness by switching DPI levels between 600, 1000 (default), and 1600. The tracking technology allows for great sensitivity for your everyday work. This ergonomic mouse also boasts a fatigue-resistance vertical design that will let your wrist stretch naturally, thereby, keeping you comfortable all through.
    #9. Nulaxy 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless Mouse Review

    The slim and comfortable design of this wireless mouse enables it to offer added support, which in turn, provides comfort for your hand. The slim design also makes the mouse portable and very easy to carry when traveling. Ideally, the ergonomic wireless mouse has 3 adjustable optimized DPI (1250, 1500, and 1800 DPI) to help you gain more accurate control and eliminate lag. Its 2.4G wireless transmission will allow you to work up to 10m away from a reliable connection.
    #8. EIGIIS Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse Review

    Featuring an ergonomic design, the EIGIIS Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse ensures healthy and natural hand positioning. It gives you unrivaled comfort by preventing you from twisting your arm in unnatural ways. The design also eases tension on the hand and wrist of right-hand users. In addition, the mouse has an auto-sleep function, which helps it save power and conserve energy. Its 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology allows it to work seamlessly with your laptop or computer. Moreover, the EIGIIS Wireless Ergonomic Mouse is compatible with Linux, Mac OS X, and all versions of Windows.
    #7. TeckNet Pro 2.4G Ergonomic Wireless Mouse Review

    TeckNet has equipped this ergonomic wireless mouse with a hassle-free design to make sure you have an easy time using it. They have also equipped it with the TeckNet Tru-Wave technology to provide precise and smart cursor control over a variety of surfaces. What’s more, this ergonomic wireless mouse has TeckNet Co-Link technology that allows you to pair once without the need to re-establish pairing after shutdown or signal loss. The mouse is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10; Linux; and Mac.
    #6. HAVIT HV-MS55GT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse Review

    HAVIT is so keen on comfort that they have equipped this wireless mouse with a scientific ergonomic design. Well, the design features a contoured shape that will seamlessly fit in the palm of your hand to help prevent wrist strains and allow for smoother movement. As if that’s not enough, the manufacturer has included the advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology that allows you to operate the mouse at a distance up to 10 meters with no interference. The HAVIT HV-MS55GT Ergonomic Wireless Mouse features 6 buttons (DPI button, Forward button, Right button, Back button, and Left button) that make it very easy to control.
    #5. TeckNet 2.4G Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse Review

    The scientific ergonomic design of this ergonomic vertical wireless mouse encourages healthy and neutral positioning of the arm and wrist. And this means you will be able to enjoy smoother movement and less strain. Apart from the innovative easy-to-use design, the TeckNet 2.4G Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse has an auto power-off function that enables it to switch off automatically when you switch off the PC or disconnect the USB Nano receiver. It also features a 2.4GHz wireless technology that allows you to use it up to 15 meters away without any interference.
    #4. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Review

    This wireless trackball is intelligently designed in such a way that you can move the cursor without moving your arm. It boasts a sculpted shape that not only supports your hand but also makes sure that it stays in place. Additionally, the trackball gives smooth and precise cursor control to allow you to work and play anywhere. You can use it on the couch, desk, and even bed. Also, it comes equipped with a long battery life that can last up to 18 months.
    #3. VicTsing 2.4G Wireless Portable Mouse Review (MM057)

    Affordable yet high performing, the VicTsing 2.4G Wireless Portable Mouse (MM057) will make you happy all the time. It comes with a Nano receiver that helps enhance its performance. Plus it has 5 adjustable CPI and 2 polling rate. The VicTsing 2.4G Wireless Portable Mouse also boasts ultimate durability and long working distance. In addition, it features a contoured shape, skin-friendly and sweat-resistant finish to give you optimum support and comfort. Its sturdy scroll wheel is made of rubber to prevent your hand from slipping when scrolling.
    #2. Anker Black 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Mouse Review

    Equipped with 800/1200/1600 DPI resolution optical tracking technology, the Anker Black 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Mouse has more sensitivity compared to a mouse with standard optical technology. The optical tracking technology allows it to offer smooth and precise tracking on many different surfaces. As if that’s not enough, the Anker Black 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Mouse has a scientific ergonomic design that promotes optimum comfort. Plus it comes with an instruction manual and 18-month hassle-free warranty to protect against parts and labor.
    #1. Jelly Comb Black Wireless Vertical Mouse Review

    Jelly Comb has designed this wireless vertical mouse with uniqueness in mind. They have engineered it with a unique and scientific ergonomic design to help reduce tension. Furthermore, they have equipped the mouse with 800/ 1200/ 1600 DPI resolution optical tracking technology to ensure high responsiveness. The mouse also features next/previous buttons that offer convenience when the web page is browsing. It is the perfect choice for gaming enthusiast, Internet surfers, and those who work on the computer. Best of all, it can work with most systems including Linux, Mac, and Windows.


    Whether you are a serious gamer, modern writer or student, an ergonomic wireless mouse is for you. These units are engineered to provide ultimate comfort without sacrificing performance. Their scientific ergonomic designs feature contoured shapes that perfectly conform to the curves of your palms. For this reason, you will be able to use them for prolonged periods without straining.

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