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10 Best Desk Lamps For Eyes in 2020

Lighting is a crucial factor in a home, office or any other property. There are different types of lamps to buy, for instance, desk lamps. With the market having a wide range of products to select, it is always best that you invest incredible ones. Such will protect your eyes from harm by offering suitable lighting, last long and give you value for your money eventually. The easiest way to identify bets lamps is by reading reviews. From them, you are able to pick whatever brand that best fits you. Now, in connection to that, here is a guide or say review on the best desk lamps for eyes. Skip to the best desk lamp on Amazon.

10. Lighting Ever Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Review

Lighting Ever Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Review


  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Light does not flick nor glare
  • Made of high quality material
  • Highly adjustable
  • Stands vibration
  • Energy efficient
  • Long lifespan-50,000hours


  • 1.5m power cord
  • Uses 8Watts power
  • Has 7 dimming settings
  • Lamp head rotates up to 270

Lighting Ever uses a touch technology for control. Users can adjust the brightness of the lamp to a comfortable level considering there are seven options to choose. Once you get the right level for your eyes, there is no need of resetting the lamp the next time you use it. It has some kind of memory.

This is a stable and flexible item with a strong base. Rotate the head and adjust the arm to a position you like.

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9. Newhouse Lighting 3W Energy-Efficient LED Clamp Lamp Ligh Review

Newhouse Lighting 3W Energy-Efficient LED Clamp Lamp Ligh Review

  • Features
  • Saves energy
  • Non flickering light
  • Flexible
  • User friendly
  • Versatile; mountable different surfaces


  • Uses 3watts
  • Provides 300lumens light
  • Lasts for 30,000hours
  • It is a clamp lamp

Any Newhouse lamp boasts of a sleek design thus adds aesthetic value to your space. It has been in the market for over a century; therefore, consider it one of the best lighting solutions. Fix the lamp on your desk and enjoy the natural light at night. The metallic gooseneck is flexible as well. There are three colors to choose from purple, black and blue.

This is a great lamp for studying when you need just enough light and not too much. It employs latest LED tech ensuring you are at per with the world.

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8. Tenergy 11W Dimmable Desk Lamp Review

Tenergy 11W Dimmable Desk Lamp Review


  • Non-flickering
  • Uses touch control
  • One hour auto shut off
  • Easy to use


  • 530 lumens
  • 5 dimming levels
  • 4 light colors
  • Uses 11watts

If you are looking for best desk lamps for eyes, think of Tenergy. For one, it has an amazing light that is dimmable, causing your eyes no harm. You can use this lamp to charge other devices that are compatible with it such as your smartphones. This is because it has a USB port.

When you need to create a given mood in your room, do not worry. Use the available four light colors for that. About design, this lamp features a collapsible arm and a swivel base for comfort purposes.

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7. TaoTronics 12W LED Desk Lamp Review

TaoTronics 12W LED Desk Lamp Review


  • LED is safe for eyes
  • Optimizable for different needs
  • Has a strong design; base and arm
  • Has a USB port


  • 4 light settings
  • Has a 60-minute auto-off timer
  • Dimmable and uses a maximum of 12watts
  • Broad lighting zone

Having a lamp with all of its parts flexible makes it super user-friendly. TaoTronic’s arm, head and neck is such a lamp. It does not matter the adjustment you want to make, be it bending, swiveling or rotating.

The lighting modes to enjoy include sleep, study, and relax. This is a sturdy product with strong parts thus safe and saves you money. Like the previous brand, this one can also charge your phone when the need arises.

6. V-Light Full Spectrum Natural Daylight Effect Magnifier Task Lamp Review

V-Light Full Spectrum Natural Daylight Effect Magnifier Task Lamp Review


  • Compact
  • Glare-free light
  • Adjustable arms
  • Has a grip tight clamp


  • 12watts
  • 175% magnification
  • 19-inch height
  • 3 diopter lens

V-Light is an interesting brand. For starters, it has a unique design and comes with diopter lens made of glass. You can clamp it or have it on top of your desk. It offers natural light that is not as different from sunlight.

This brand is among the best lamps for eyes for several reasons. The lenses offer a spectacular magnification of subjects. They also have a cover for durability. The heavy base is great for desk mounting while the clamp offers tight grip keeping the lamp secure after installation.

5. Etekcity Wireless LED Desk Lamp Review

Etekcity Wireless LED Desk Lamp Review


  • Anti-flicker
  • Energy saving item
  • Touch-controllable
  • Mobile use
  • Adjustable gooseneck


  • 3 brightness levels
  • Offers 256 colors of night light
  • 16 led bulbs
  • 1000mAh Lithium battery

A wireless product is always a worthwhile choice at any time. Etekcity has an attractive base color that looks elegant on your desk. Play around with the base lighting to find a level you want. With a sensitive touch control, it is easy operating the lamp. You do not need any skills, as the only thing you will be adjusting is brightness and color of light.

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The battery lasts for six hours before requiring a recharge. This increases convenience for users. In the package, you will find the lamp, power adapter and a USB cable.

4. Globe Electric Desk Lamp Review

Globe Electric Desk Lamp Review


  • High quality
  • Tall enough, 35icnhes
  • Small sized
  • Compact


  • Lightweight
  • Has a long power cord
  • 60w base bulb sold separately
  • Black finish

Are you looking for a lamp with a slim look? Well, Globe Electric should be on your list. Apart from taking up less space and looking great on your desk, it has a swing arm that employs a spring balance. This makes it a lot more flexible than you expect it.

The simple design is ideal for those who dislike sophistication in home equipment. The small size ensures more space is left for other items on your desk or table. You will love the on and off switch. It is at the base of the lamp thus easily accessible.

3. TaoTrics LED Desk Lamp Review

TaoTrics LED Desk Lamp Review


  • Strong, durable body
  • Versatile
  • Modern design
  • Sturdy


  • 5 color settings/modes
  • 6 brightness selections
  • Has 1-hour timer
  • USB port

When a brand name appears twice on the list of best desk lamps for eyes, you had better consider purchasing it. Anyway, this specific TaoTrics product is stylish. The arm and head are definitely flexible. There is more user freedom, thanks to the variety of brightness levels and color modes.

If you are concerned about glare, this brand has you taken care of. Its guide panel prevents glares by transmitting light sideways. Everyone has a favorite even when it comes to lighting. After identifying your best color and brightness level, easily activate it on the lamp when you want by pressing a button. It is called the favorite or memory setting.

2. TaoTrics 14W Desk Lamp Review

TaoTrics 14W Desk Lamp Review


  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to operate
  • Highly flexible
  • User friendly
  • Stable


  • 4 light choices
  • 5 brightness levels
  • USB port available
  • 60-minute automatic timer
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There are a few differences between this product and the previous two TaoTrics lamps. One of them is the wattage. A 14watts lamp has better lighting than a 12watts one. The other disparity is the design.

This lamp allows you adjust brightness and selects the type of light you want for the night. Adjust the base and arm to ensure appropriate illumination. Use the touch controls for various settings. With the memory function, there is no need of setting the lamp afresh after last night. It will pick up from where you left it or switched it off.

1. Lampat Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Review

Lampat Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Review


  • Has a modern design
  • Takes up little space
  • Touch controls enable easy use
  • Anti-glare


  • 5 brightness settings
  • 4 lighting modes
  • One-hour automatic shut off
  • Dimmable

Like the other nine products in the review, Lampat is dimmable and uses LED lighting technology. Several other factors make it the number one product in the guide. Choose suitable brightness and lighting mode. With the USB charging port, you can charge your phone in case the battery is low and you do not have its charger.

The light this brand produces is safe for your eyes; no eyestrain whatsoever. It also ensures adequate illumination at your desk so you can have an easy time studying, for example.


It is easier shopping for the best desk lamps for eyes when you have a buying guide. From the above products, choose one or two and change your night experience. Each of the lamps is a good purchase though whether it is number 10 or one.

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