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10 Best Camping Ice Chests in 2020

You should not be having warm drinks because you are out on a camping trip and far away from home. Today, there are camping ice chests, which are convenient units designed to help you keep drinks cold for an extended period. They have powerful insulation that enables them to keep drinks and beverages at the right temperature. Since they are made for outdoor use, camping ice chests are sturdy enough to stand up to hostile outdoor conditions. They are a must-have for any outdoorsman.

But before you storm the market for one, it is advisable to make sure that whatever you are getting is the best camping ice chest. Luckily, you will not be going through the hassle of searching for the best one; thanks to our comprehensive reviews. Skip to the best camping ice chest on Amazon.

10. Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler Review

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler Review


  • SmartShelf: It lets you keep hard stuff (such as drinks) separate from soft stuff.
  • Exterior zippered pocket: Offers an extra storage space.
  • Triple layer Cold Block base: It ensures superior cooling.

Most customers will tell you that they cannot resist products from Arctic Zone. And this is for a reason. Arctic Zone brands are no doubt some of the best on the current market. Well, one of them is the deep freeze zipperless cooler, which includes a 16”, 30”, and 48” can sizes. While the 16” Can keeps ice for 2 days, the 30” and 48” Cans keep ice for 3 days. The cooler is made with a triple layer Cold Blockbase and radiant heat barrier, which work together to create outstanding cooling. Its stain resistant and waterproof exterior is easy to clean for optimum convenience.

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Best Seller Products

SaleBestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 2
Igloo BMX 52 Quart Cooler with Cool Riser Technology,...
Igloo BMX 52 Quart Cooler with Cool Riser Technology,...
Extremely durable yet lightweight with proven 4-5 day ice retention at 90°F; Rust-resistant, stainless-steel hinge rods and hardware provide extended performance.

9. Igloo White 120-Quart Polar Cooler Review

Igloo White 120-Quart Polar Cooler Review


  • Threaded plug: It ensures effortless drainage or hose hookup.
  • UV inhibitors in the lid: They protect against sun damage.
  • Reinforced handles: They can withstand frequent impacts.

The Igloo White 120-Quart Polar Cooler is no ordinary cooler. This means it will not warm up like other coolers. Instead, it will remain cool for days. It is believed to keep ice up to 5 days at high temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, this polar cooler has real insulation, which makes it a reliable unit. You will be able to keep up to 188 cans, meaning you will never run out of cold, refreshing drinks. You will really love it whenever you are going to stay out for a very long time. Throw it in your car and start your journey with confidence knowing the snap-close lid will not let content out.

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8. CleverMade SnapBasket Soft-Sided Cooler Review

CleverMade SnapBasket Soft-Sided Cooler Review


  • Side grip and duffel bag handles: They make heavy lifting a snap.
  • Zippered front valuable: It is for keeping valuables.
  • Flop-free structured design: It prevents the camping ice chest from spilling content.

CleverMade is known for making smarter products for an easier living. Their camping ice chest cooler is every ready to stand the test of daily life. It offers structured portability to allow you to go with it anywhere. In addition, you can fold it down really flat when you don’t need it. It is a versatile cooler that you will find handy for soccer practice, park, and beach. It can hold up to 50 cans of your favorite drinks as well as ice to make sure you get an endless supply of refreshments while you are far away from home. The cooler holds 30 liters by volume and measures 18.25 inches long by 12.25 inches wide by 12 inches high.

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7. Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler Review (54-Quart)

Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler Review (54-Quart)


  • Leakproof channel drain: It allows you to empty any excess water without turning the cooler upside down.
  • Have-A-Sit lid: It gives you a place to sit while enjoying the day with a cold drink in your hands.
  • 54-quart capacity: It enables the cooler to accommodate up to 85 cans.

Coleman manufacturing company reminds many of the long-gone moments where you used to go fishing with a camping ice chest for keeping your beverages refreshed. Their latest product (the Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler-54 Quart) is even better. It is tall enough to hold up to 2-liter bottles and large enough to keep up to 85 cans. It is a convenient cooler that can supply refreshments for the entire group of people. Use it for BBQ, a tailgate party or an overnight camping trip. With a classic design that was first developed in 1954, the Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler will rekindle your oldest memories.

6. Coleman Xtreme Cooler Review

Coleman Xtreme Cooler Review


  • Z-Clean top: It allows you to empty water without turning the cooler upside down.
  • No-crush handles: They make it easy to carry the cooler to your destination.
  • Have-A-Seat lid: Strong enough to support up to 250 pounds.

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler will make the fun last longer. It keeps food and drinks cold for an extended period, thereby, giving you constant supply of cold refreshment even when you are far away from home. The manufacturer has equipped it with Xtreme technology, which uses extra insulation in the walls and an insulated lid to keep items cold even when the temperature is raised. They have also included EZ-Clean top, which wipes clean to spare you the arduous task of having to use all of your effort to clean it. There is no better way to enjoy a cold drink during a camping trip.

5. Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme Series Marine Cooler Review

Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme Series Marine Cooler Review


  • Two-way side handles: They combine with a large tow handle for effortless, comfortable pulling.
  • All-terrain wheels: They make the cooler easy to move with.
  • Leakproof channel drain: It prevents you from tilting the cooler during draining.
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Designed for outdoor use, the Coleman 120 Quart Xtreme Series Marine Cooler has an antimicrobial additive, which inhibits the growth and development of odor-causing bacteria. It is a high performing cooler that will remain as new as ever before. It is large enough to carry up to 190 cans or almost 8 cases of soda. Despite that, this cooler is compact and portable, meaning you will be able to use it for fishing or boating trips. Coleman has included a tray and cutting board to make sure you have all the convenience during food preparation. This cooler will not yellow because it is equipped with a UV inhibitor.

4. Coleman Blue 48-Quart Cooler Review

Coleman Blue 48-Quart Cooler Review


  • Leakproof drain: Makes it easy to remove the water without turning the cooler upside down.
  • Two-way handles: For effortless lifting and carrying.
  • Low carbon dioxide insulation: It ensures minimized carbon emissions from foam manufacturing.

You cannot talk about the birth of a modern cooler without mentioning Coleman. This manufacturing company has been around for more than 100 years. Their blue 48-quart cooler is one of the best, and this is enough to show you their experience. The company has equipped the cooler with all the features needed to make it a standout among many coolers in the same class. It is convenient enough to be accessed by a single hand. It is also powerful enough to keep ice up to 3 days at temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You will love its ability to hold up to 63 cans, as this allows it to preserve enough drinks for the party.

3. Driftsun 75 Quart Heavy Duty Ice Chest Review

Driftsun 75 Quart Heavy Duty Ice Chest Review


  • Sturdy construction: It enables the cooler to stand up to the unbearable summer heat.
  • No-sweat design: It prevents exterior from condensation.
  • GorillaGrip non-slip feet: They eliminate sliding during transportation.

If you want to buy from a trustworthy company, I’ll advise you to consider Driftsun. This manufacturer makes quality products like the Driftsun 75 Quart Heavy Duty Ice Chest. They guarantee that their ice chest is free of defects, assembly, and workmanship. But should there be any defect in workmanship, the manufacturer will be more than happy to assist with their 1-year manufacturer warranty. You will love the idea that Driftsun has included 2 built-in bottle openers, which make bottles very easy to open. This ice chest keeps ice for days with its 3-inch commercial grade insulation. It will let you enjoy your time out.

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2. Pelican Elite 70 Quart Cooler Review

Pelican Elite 70 Quart Cooler Review


  • Polypropylene body: It enables the cooler to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Non-skid rubber feet: They keep the ice chest stable during transportation.
  • 2-inch polyurethane insulation: It keeps drinks cold up to 10 days.

There is only one product that can give you ultimate durability and performance. Well, that product is none other than the Pelican Elite 70 Quart Cooler. Its ergonomic design makes it really easy to use and to carry from place to place. The cooler also promises to keep drinks cold up to 10 days. And this means you will find it handy when you are planning to go out for quite a long time. The Pelican Elite Cooler has a 70-quart capacity, which allows it to keep as many drinks as possible. It comes with a stainless steel bottle opener to ensure added convenience.

1. Frosty 65 RotoMolded 62 Quart Ice Chest Review

Frosty 65 RotoMolded 62 Quart Ice Chest Review


  • Powerful insulation: It keeps drinks cold up to 10 days.
  • White finish: It makes the ice chest look modern.
  • 62-quart capacity: It enables the ice chest to keep enough drinks for the whole camping trip.

Make camping trips memorable by carrying the Frosty 65 RotoMolded 62 Quart Ice Chest. It is a well-designed ice chest that holds ice for days, meaning you will find it the perfect package for outdoor trips. Apart from camping, the ice chest is ideal for boating and fishing. It is extremely durable, and this will allow you to take and use it outdoors knowing that it will not be damaged. Although it looks more costly compared to most products, this ice chest always delivers. In other words, it is worth the price. It is produced by a manufacturer that puts customers’ needs first.


Getting a premium quality ice chest is not an easy task. Every manufacturer is trying to use the sweetest words to convince you to buy their product. But the saddest thing is not all of them will give you what you are looking for. That’s why we have come with the above reviews.

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